You Should Listen to Me

June 16, 2011

You’re going to come, I told her. You think so? It was almost flippant, very much trying to be nonchalant. At least, as much as one can when lowering themselves onto a very hard cock. More so when she was guiding it into her ass. Her slow gasp, and the look on her face told me everything I needed to know. I was going to be right, and I was going to make her pay for doubting me.

As soon as she was comfortable, I had her hips locked in my hands and holding her in place as I thrust up into her. Her moans were immediate. She started losing coordination from the pleasure and leaned forward. I grabbed one of her tits and pulled the nipple into my mouth and sucked hard, followed by biting gently. This set her off further. She was grinding on me and I could feel her wetness against me. When she broke away and leaned back, I grabbed her hips again and resumed fucking hard up into her.

She could have come like this. Hell, I know she would have. But she went and lost her mind and grabbed her wand vibrator and squeezed it between us, and let it fly. I didn’t even bother counting because, really, what was the point? But I figured I would send her on her way. Pushing deep up inside her, slapping her ass with one hand and squeezing a breast with the other. And she was coming. An almost violent seizure of an orgasm that made her collapse atop me, and then roll off onto the bed, whispering incoherently.

Silly woman. I told you you were going to come.


The Big Show, or No?

May 28, 2010

The last week or so, I have been filled with the whirlwind of colliding, and opposing thoughts of vanity, exhibitionism and self-conciousness.  A tangle of complexity, wouldn’t you say?

It’s no secret that I have been working out the last several months. Well, no secret if you follow me on Twitter I guess. I have come a long way, baby. Going from not being able to do my elliptical for 5 minutes steady to pretty much doing 2+ miles a day.  Plus some light weightlifting at home, and I have gotten myself into much better shape than I was.

I actually like looking at myself now, hence the vanity I suppose. I wouldn’t say narcissistic, but I don’t cringe either. I want to take pictures, and I want to show off my body,( hey, look exhibitionism!). I do, but for some reason, I am having difficulty. I just haven’t been able to. Let’s all give a big round of applause to self-conciousness.

I’m definitely self-conscious, and I honestly don’t know why. I’m really not unfortunate to look at. I’m probably decidedly average, and  I am okay with that. I do have some flaws that make me uncomfortable. Three giant surgery scars are not exactly sexy looking. However the big thing, would be all the small things.  No, not that, I am remarkably average there too I think.

I am rather inundated with freckles and moles. Like a lot. I am a veritable orgy of dot to dot drawings. Grab a pen and have fun with me! I don’t know if I am just getting more and more, or if I am just noticing the ones I have because I am noticing my body more.  I am just a dermatologists wet dream.

To a lesser extent is anonymity. I do have tattoos that could be easily identified, but honestly, I am becoming more and more laissez-faire about being hidden from the world. So, I dunno how much that plays in.

So I am stuck in limbo I guess. One of these days, I’ll get over it, and just throw caution and insecurity to the wind, and go for it. I really should relax, I do associate with some pretty awesome, accepting people.

That Never Happens In Porn

May 4, 2010

It was a sunny morning, Pianti and I were waking up a second time, after getting the kids off to school. I told her I wanted sex and donuts this morning. I believe her response was something along the lines of, well, you’ll only be getting one. Enjoy the donuts.

I was walking out of the bathroom and decided to have some fun, and pounced on her as she was still in bed. Just as she rolled over, so I landed on her all awkwardly, garnering a whoof and a what the fuck. My smoothness endures.

Pianti was resisting my advances. Rolling this way and that beneath me. I’d pin one arm up and she’d move the other away. Pretty much just wrestling at this point. We are laughing and swearing the entire time. I use a leg and try to uncover her lower half from the blankets, so I can have better access, but succeed in only tangling my leg up in them. 

She finally cedes to my overpowering suaveness, done in by my rampant urbaneness. Fine, go ahead, she says. I have her hands pinned above her, legs spread wide as I tower over her. That’s all well and good, except that at this point…I’m hardly hard. Wrestling, tickling, laughing and what not, does not lend itself to a raging boner. But hey, that could be just me.

Sex did happen of course, but the spastic endeavors in getting there, are things you just never see in porn. Not that I’d trade these moments.

But while we are speaking of things you see in porn, this does remind me of a proud porn moment. A few weeks ago, Pianti and I were in bed, my face buried between her thighs, enjoying the hell out of myself, when she started to wriggle away. I just kept going, moving along with her, and she kept sliding away, until she fell off the bed.

She was balanced on her shoulders and head, but damn if her pussy wasn’t just the right height, so instead of helping her up, I just kept on going down on her.  When Pianti told me to fuck her like this, well yeah, I knew we were boldly going where porn had gone before.

I’m talking circus sex or wild monkey fucking. I was kneeling on the bed, leaning over her, holding myself up on the wall and fucking her, and it worked, and damn it felt good. However, screaming knees said move along buddy so I got on the floor, straddling over her and then sunk my cock back in her, going full porn mode with a piledriver.

Certainly not an everyday position, but glad we got to do it. It definitely takes some doing, but damn it felt good. Kinda feels naughty/good to actually be able to do something you do see in porn.  Zod knows it is never like that the rest of the time.

Stranger In A Strange Land

April 7, 2010

Okay, I thought I had a fair idea that finding any bi fun would be tougher once we moved out here to OK. I mean, we are talking a major part of the bible belt, and not just that, but small town living in the bible belt. Whatever I may have thought, is no where near the actual reality of the situation.

It has been seriously crazy in lack of activity. I have been here close to two years now and have had a total of three encounters. The first one which I described in my last post, and two more  at the end of last year with one guy (he’s been dubbed Cletus), and those were regrettable in a big way. Huge!

Everyone that seems to want to play lives in one of the three big cities near by, and we are talking about an hour and a half drive to get to any of them. Even if I wanted to travel to find some action, I can’t right now, because we are stuck with just one car. And amazingly enough, not too many want to travel to podunk town here, go figure.

I have had people say they are interested, but never follow through. No idea if they are just flakes,  scared or lose their nerve. I have become seriously jaded now in my interactions with people on this adult site. Why I continue on, I have no idea. Perhaps it is just I am an optimist (ha!) or more likely, I am just that horny for cock at times, that I  just keep on plugging away.

On the brighter side, I have discovered something here. I am apparently man candy to the over sixty crowd. Seriously, my pics, my profile, I dunno what it is, but they are all over me. And truly I mean no disrespect to them, but no fucking way! I think it awesome that they still have the drive and working parts to want me, but just not my thing, thanks. And fuck are they persistent! Hahaha. The only downside of course is I know that will be me in twenty-five  years. Hopefully I will be rich so I can just buy the attentions of hot younger men.

So in the meantime, I continue my searches, mainly in vain. Ever hopeful to find something, someone. Like a winter weary squirrel, looking for a nut…and then bust it.

Room 215

April 9, 2009

For the longest time, I was unsure if I was going to write this up. I couldn’t decide how I felt about the whole thing. After letting it sit and just percolate for a couple weeks, I think I have formed an opinion on my recent encounter with another guy. It was a let down overall.

I had talked to this person for a bit, and actually one attempt at meeting had fallen apart but things fell in place and we were attempting again. He would be driving through town, and decided to stay the night. So I was going to go over and meet him at his motel room that night.

I arrived at his room about 8:30 and knocked lightly. We shake hands as I walk in. He sits back at his laptop on the table and I sit on the corner of the bed. There is palpable nervousness in the air. We wind up with small talk, talking about football and fantasy leagues. It helped establish some comfort. However the talking went on a little long, but finally action was happening.

We both stripped down, he left his socks on. That really should have been my first clue. He was as tall as me, maybe shorter, but thinner, kinda wiry. He reached over and started stroking my cock. I lay back on the bed and let him do his thing. He commented how he liked my cock then proceeded to go down on me. He was actually pretty decent, and it felt good, I was enjoying myself. After a few minutes, he said he would have come by now. That should have been clue number two.

As he sat back, I reached over and started stroking his cock. It was a nice one, little longer than mine, and about the same width. He went ahead and lay back on the bed, and I stroked him to hardness. I couldn’t wait any longer and started running my tongue up and down his shaft. Swirling it around the head, teasing and tonguing the frenulum, then taking him in my mouth and going down slowly. I dunno about him, but damn I am enjoying myself.

I move up and down on him for a bit, then trail my tongue down and lick and gently suck his balls, stroking his cock as I did it. Licking my way back up his length, I took him in my mouth again, and restarted again, this time stroking as I sucked. I stopped sucking, but continued steadily jacking him off as I made some comment. Then with no warning, he was coming. If he was still in my mouth and gave me no warning, he’d be driving off minus a dick.

After a clean up, I lie back and he started sucking on me again, and again, he is pretty good. I am enjoying it a lot but then he stops and starts stroking me. Then is starts getting half assed, and it looks like he is watching the TV. I try to spur things along with offering to do it myself, seeing if that might do something. He let’s me and then gets a drink of his beer, watches some TV, and then comes back and sorta plays with my balls some. At this point, I have pretty much lost any feeling of arousal, so I just stop. I guess once he got his, he was riding the waves of indifference. It goes back to talking and after awhile, I know nothing else is happening so get dressed. We chat for a bit but then I say it is getting late and take off.

So overall, this was kind of a sucky encounter. Almost there for two hours, and only about ah alf hour of sex and I didn’t get mine. However, what makes it so hard for me to completely rule this craptacular, and this is sad, is that I got to play with some cock. It had been so long since getting to play with a guy, and longer still since he was of a size I could actually go down on. I enjoyed that right there, even though short lived, so damn much. So, a small silver lining, in the otherwise dark cloud of an encounter.

This Old House

April 1, 2009

Pianti and I had just finished installing a locking door knob on our bedroom door, and we were surveying our work. She was on the floor, leaning against the bed, while I ran the door through its paces. Happy with how things were, I stepped back next to her, and looked down. Pianti opened her mouth wide, in a teasing and suggestive manner. Hmmm.

Figuring I’d call her bluff, I pulled my sweats down and moved in front of Pianti’s face and had to lean over to get my cock to her lips. She took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Taking more into her mouth, she started going down but it was awkward with me leaning over and her half laying down.

Pianti sat fully upright and things were much easier now. Taking me all in, and then using slow strokes up and down, I was very much enjoying this random gift. Pianti continued sucking me off, getting faster and faster. I was definitely building up, but that was when we thought we heard the children back from their trip. Dammit. Putting it back inside my pants, we go out to investigate, and see we were mistaken. Thank god, but I need some relief. I tell her to get back in the bedroom.

I was expecting to get in there and bend her over the bed and fuck her silly but I found Pianti laying on the bed on her tummy, face at the edge of the bed. Oh I am certainly okay with finishing this way. I pull my still throbbing cock out and she resumes her oral ministrations. There is no slow build up this time, but right to serious work. Perhaps she could feel my urgency. When she started cupping my balls and playing with them, that was the end. I told her I was coming and she continued sucking me off until the last second, pulling me from her mouth and spraying her throat and chest with my come.

Oh was I ever happy happy. However, I wanted Pianti happy happy too. I told her to lay down and get her Miracle Massager, which she did, with the g-spot attachment on it. Pianti began fucking herself with that while I toyed with one, then both nipples. Twisting and tugging on them while she squirmed beneath the onslaught of toy and hand. Pianti came quicker than I did, and much much harder as well.

If this kind of stuff is going to happen, I am going to become Mr Fixit. Fuckit, I’ma break stuff on purpose.

So, Yeah, I’ve Been Replaced

February 12, 2009

So I bought Pianti a sex toy last week and it arrived yesterday. It was a Miracle Massager and something that she really wanted. We got one from ViebReview way back but it broke after one use, and that one time was enough for her to know she wanted it back.

So obviously it must be put to the test that night, because really, who wants to wait? Pianti was giggling as she played with it after plugging it in, about how it made her hand go numb. Then she put on the g-spot attachment over the head and then started attacking me with it. Dork. I have to say though, having that kinda vibration on the perineum did not suck.

Finally Pianti got back around to herself, and a little lube and she had it inside her and all I can say is…holy shit. She was moaning instantly. I scooted over and started playing with her nipples and well, that just lit the fuse apparently. Within a minute, at the very best, and Pianti had stiffened in what truly could be called some sort of orgasmic rictus. She couldn’t even get Oh god out…it was just one long ooooh as she came. And came. And came. She started moaning too much, too much, but yet she didn’t stop.

Finally she turned it off, and her body visible collapsed as if the electrical current running through her body had been switched off. I have no idea if it was one giant two minute orgasm or if there was several in there, all I know is that she was out of it. Pianti grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy. I slid two fingers in and commented that she was really quite wet. She told me to go lower. I felt down her ass, her thighs, the bed…all quite soaked. Apparently she squirted. I always suspected she was one.

Pianti is a little peeved by this. Only because she was unprepared and there was a helluva wet spot, which for once, she could not blame on me. After a bit of recuperation, letting her eyes roll back from in their sockets, she took the attachment off and started using it on her clit. I moved to play with her nipples but that was verboten as she was still charged from the last one so moved my hand to her pussy. I just teased her pussy, without insertion for the longest time, as she teased and toyed with herself. Pianti purposely took her time because I could tell she could have come instantly had she wished. I went back to her tits but instead of playing with her nipples, I just gripped her tits roughly and played with that way. Again her body stiffened as the current was reapplied, or an orgasm, either way, ran through her body.

When she turned it off again and collapsed, the first thing she said was, dammit, I did it again. I told Pianti we were doing this again Friday morning after the kids were at school so I can watch. She told me to get on, and so I gladly did. The entire time we had sex, she just kept giggling. After watching her come like this, it didn’t take long for me to come, and as much as I enjoyed mine, it certainly was paled in comparison.

After we cleaned up, and settled for bed, Pianti told me that I needed to take this toy, and hide it, lock it up. Maybe break it out once a week for her to use but otherwise keep it away, as she would use it too much. So that right there should be a testament to how much we enjoyed our new toy.